Affordable Care Act

Navigating through the compliance requirements of the Affordable Care Act, “ACA,” can be a big hassle, and it can be especially tough for companies who haven’t yet transitioned to it. More and more companies find it difficult to undergo all of the new changes and also remain compliant. Fortunately, King Agency can help any company navigate through the murky compliance requirements to ensure that nothing is missed.

Why choose King Agency?

  1. They have experience. King Agency was established in 1978 and is now one of the biggest independent consultant and broker companies in Ohio, and they’re stationed just 20 short minutes away from Toledo OH. With almost 40 years of experience, they are certainly qualified to take on even the biggest of tasks.
  2. They are upfront and transparent about what they offer. King Agency is a consulting company that provides employee benefit consulting, extensive benefit administration assistance, and third-party administration services.
  3. King Agency helps companies of all shapes and sizes. They’re dedicated to assisting both small and large employers in the Great Lakes Region and consulting them with their best options. This includes a company’s best option when navigating their compliance requirements of the ACA.
  4. They have a passionate staff. Stationed not too far out of Toledo OH, King Agency has a short, dedicated list of employees with well over 15 years of industry-specific experience on average. The customer service representatives who represent King Agency also provide the customer with an excellent experience.

King Agency’s Mission

This consulting company has a mission to mitigate risk of compliance violations and positively impact the client’s bottom line with a superior plan design for benefits, the most competitive products on the market, detailed claims analysis, aggressive negotiation, and finally, value-added HR solutions.

Taking a Different Approach

King Agency’s talented and experienced staff of professionals have a service model that utilizes the team’s approach unlike any other benefit brokerage firms. The staff’s approach ensures that each and every client of King Agency’s is treated equally and with the utmost care.

Always Room to Grow

Currently, King Agency is focusing on full-service HR solutions and assisting both small and large companies understand and comply with the current requirements set under the ACA. With over $100 million in annual sales and over 450 employers trailing through the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, King Agency still has room for more customers no matter how big or small the company.

The Affordable Care Act in Toledo OH has helped hundreds of local residents obtain health coverage, and many companies are in the process of switching over to the Affordable Care Act. This is where King Agency, where service reigns supreme, comes into play. Not only do they provide assistance to both small and large employers, but they also provide consultation on an individual scale. This way no one has to go through the compliance requirements and try to translate the terminology by themselves. Instead, King Agency is on their side.