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Being competitive in today’s market is the single-most challenging hurdle facing businesses today. Competitiveness is not just about providing the best product or service. It is about being forward thinking, attracting and retaining the best talent in your field, and controlling the costs of running your organization. King Agency provides assistance in all of these areas. As one of the premier providers of HR service consulting in the Toledo OH area, our expert staff can design an employee benefit package which will not only draw but retain top-notch employees to your company.

King Agency’s approach is to create an individualized team devoted to your needs. We develop business plans for the future, not just the current year. We lead your company through assessments of your current vendors; provide advisement, support, and negotiating assistance so you receive the best value from your partnerships. We develop a unique benefit package for your corporate needs, keeping in mind costs to both your company and your employees. Payroll costs are contained, and possibly even reduced. A complete HR solutions package is designed for your organization.

We leverage our technical tools to offer access to the newest, state of the art software packages on the market. Through our affiliation with the top HR Technology gurus, your employees have the latest tools at their disposal.

Our Services

King Agency is an all-inclusive firm which provides assistance to all HR related needs. We provide Group and Individual Health, Life and Annuity products. Through our partnership with the top Technology providers in HR, your organization is given access to a vast array of resources.  We also provide Individual insurance for those needing complete policies or just a method of supplementing their existing coverage. Though we have a wide range of specialties we are focused on providing full-service HR solutions to our clients, providing their companies which HR makeovers which can:

  • Increase employee satisfaction by providing them with solutions to specific issues they might have.
  • Up your company’s productivity be aiding employees and resolving disputes in a timelier manner.
  • Give upper management support and reduce their time commitment to HR-related manners, allowing them to spend more time focusing on other areas of their company.

Our History

King Agency has been servicing businesses in the Toledo OH area for more than 30 yearsThe staff at King Agency has an average of 15 years industry specific experience. Our impeccable reputation is a testament to our dedication to clients. But don’t just take our word for it. Contact King Agency today and learn the difference that our level of commitment can make.

Our Pledge

The staff at King Agency is dedicated to ensuring your company a competitive advantage by providing complete, comprehensive HR solutions. Large company or new startup, our service is the same. Each of our clients demands the same attention and service. Through advanced technology, a vast array of services and dedicated administrative support, King Agency can propel your company to the top of your industry.